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witchywoman_lv wrote in fibro_hell
It's sad that this community has pretty much dried up, and went away.
I know I, and several others tried to keep it afloat.
I feel we need a place like this to vent, and gather informatiom.
So can't we try, and bring us all back together again?
If not where have you all went to gather info or join to vent?

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I was a regular on this site for quite a while and then it just seemed that no one was here and I would not receive any comments or input at all. I found another site, "Fibromyalgia" on LJ, and started to visit there. I found that some of the people that were here had gone there, so I went there too. I still do not have many entries there, and only comment on others once in a while. The loss of this site was so hard on me, I just haven't learned to trust being on another or coming back here. It has been lonely. But I think that is where most of them went, or they just stopped, like I did for a while.

Well that's to bad that we all went away from here.It saddens me.I will go check out the site you mentioned.Hope you are doing as best we can? I have been having a time with it.I lost my Momma on June 9, and it has just about ruined me physically.I tried not to let it get to me .It seemms I didn't fight hard enough.The fibro is worse now.Oh what can we do? I have a doctor that won't help.I know I need to find a new doc but is hard to do when your on a fixed income.Have a great night. soft hugs..

I know what you mean, I lost my mom (that I was very close to) July 2, 2007 and had lost my grandson Isaac to SIDS on Aug.20, 2006, just ten months apart. I went into such a depression. I still am not truly over it. So I feel your pain over that. I know how bad the pain gets with that kind of sorrow and stress. And it doesn't matter how hard you try, that kind of thing is going to affect us. I don't have a doctor tht will help me either, so I understand that one too. I, too, need to find a new one, but know what you mean how hard it is. Why don't you add me to your friends list so that we can converse from time to time. I really did miss the old site, but was lucky enough to find this new one. I don't post much, but I read most of them and comment sometimes. If you would like another friend on here, add me and I would be happy to have someone to talk to on a fairly regular basis. Gentle hugs for a great night sleep and a pain controlled day.

I added you..Feel free to do the same.Can't sleep ,going to go try it again.night, night

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