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Pain,grumpy, and cold....
cure for FMS
witchywoman_lv wrote in fibro_hell

We dipped down into the low 20's this week, and snow came..
Which has been playing HELL on my fms..
I awoke to every part of my body in deep pain..
Even, my head hurts down to the roots in my hair..
I have never felt such pain, in the years that I have had FMS..
As we know, the doctors do not give me drugs..
Why am I in such PAIN????
I've tried everything, trying to work the pain out..
I don't like this !!!!!

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Hugs back at you..gentle ones..

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I wish I could say, today I woke up, and I am not in pain...Gosh,how I wish for this...But, I woke up in the same deep pain as yesterday...why< I wonder is this pain getting worse?Thank you, for the nice day, and soft gentle hugs to, light, and peace...

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I would love to chat at anytime...I can't seem to get the new IM for Yahoo to work though...Are there any other places to chat? LOL....What happened to the old Yahoo messenger...? Ouch my skin even hurts...durnitt...

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Livejournal has a messenger? Wow, the things I don't know...hehe

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I was thinkin I heard, LJ does have some sort of messenger...Hmmmmmmmmm...Feel free to add me on your friends list for LJ, and I'll do the email is,if you ever want to try for your continued's nice to have someone to chat with, that knows, where you are coming know? What is m.e.?sorry for my ignorance..

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That sounds like what I feel most of the time...What does m.e. stand for?I would like to read more about it...

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thank you for the website...I am off to read on it now...gentle hugs...

On another subject, do you know where I could find a grumpy bear, from the care bears, and a grumpy , from the 7 dwarfs icon? I love your icons..
These would be very suiting for me, at this time...LOL love,light, and peace..

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thank you very much...

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Is that Edward from Twilight? I watched that dvd last night...wonder if they will make a part 2?..He is so cute...LOL..even for a 50 year old like me....LOL...

I've been where you are - in so much pain that you can't see straight and the docs are looking at you and saying stuff like "narcotics don't work with fibro pain" or other such crap...I was lucky, my chest doc took one look at me, admitted me and started me on severdol which is a type of morphine as well as oxycontin twice a day which is slow release morphine and I feel better for it, knowing that when the pain comes with an army I can battle through it. Have you tried a different doctor? One sympathetic to fibro? I mean, my chest doc didn't even believe M.E and Fibro exsisted until he met me or at least saw me through the diagnosis. That was eight years ago and I onl;y got the pain under control five years ago, so I do understand where you are now..

*massive, gentle hugs that don't make the pain worse*

First of all,I want to say thank you, for taking the time to answer my post..
I live in a community that doesn't have alot of doctors..bless the elderly, as they have a hard time finding a doctor..
I am a caretaker to my 82 year old Momma, and therefore I do not have insurance.
So I have to go to the clinic, that takes care of the uninsured.They see drug addicts,trying to get narcotics all the time, and beings I am a 15 year clean , and sober addict, my doctor says, she won't give me something that could trigger a relapse, mind you..I really do appreciate her concern, but after 15 years clean, and sober...I do not believe ,I am going to relapse..I was from a generation, having a good time checking out drugs..Where I made my mistake was, being completely upfront with her..She has no problem giving me,Buspirone for anxiety,Seroquel for sleep, and her favorite Tramadol for pain..oh , and let's not forget Cymbalta for depression..I found that the bigger communities are far more willing to give you some-thing that is a narcotic, than this little community in Colorado..If I had insurance, I bet I would of gotten far better help..When I lived in Vegas, the doctor that diagnosed me, gave me narcotics..knowing I was a old drug abuser..I woke up this morning to the same pain...It is about, to drive me into a melt down..Why has the pain gotten worse? I was diagnosed in the early 2000's.., and moved here to care for my Momma..What frightens me now is, I will forever carry these doctors notes with me, right?Why did I have to be so honest? Because, I always felt, this is the way you do things..Jokes on me now...LOL...Thank you so much, for taking the time out of your day, to comfort a ole friend living with the dear ole FMS,IBS, chronic pain, and etc...I don't even know, where to turn on the internet to see, what they have found in their studies..Do you? Maybe, there is a experimental treatment, I could get on?

love, light, and peace...

soft,gentle hugs...

Oh, I hate this...that you are in pain! Have you tried a warm bath? Sometimes that helps me? I wish I could make this go away for you, and me, and everyone with this stupid disease!

I hate this also Terri...for all of us..I just don't understand why the pain is worse than it has ever been..Why did this disease ever have to show it's dirty little head..? These are the days I have to fight extra hard,to not give in to the depression also...As we know, I have to carry on as I have Momma to care for..Thank you always for being such a great freind to you headbanger118...

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